Cottage on own island, Lillabbarn

B&B Forest Holmsvattnet

A Place were you can activate yourself or just chill out. 

About Us Me and Bob, telemarking in folkdresses.

Time to tell our story; We met when we were studing in the town Kiruna, 1994, in the northen part of Sweden. We fell in love and we liked to travel a lot, but more and more we felt to do something at home but still meet people, that´s why we opened up B&B Forest on a hobby level in 2008.

20:th of august 2011 we got married in our garden at our B&B in the village Homsvattnet.

Tova Glänta (Rinman), I was born in Saltsjöbaden 1972, a coast town outside Stockholm. Did everything you could do as a kid and more. After the theater and art school my interested of skiing took me around the world like, South Lake Tahoe (USA), Kitzbühel (Austria), Italy, France, Czech republic, Slovakia and so on and after a while I ended up in Kiruna where I study for two years, tourism and outdoor activities, so I could start up my own outdoor business, but instead I met the man of my life, Bob. We opened up the bed and breakfast together and that’s why it´s a mixing of outdoor activities and just chill out themes. My hobbies are different projects associated to the B&B, nature, people and movies.

Bob Glänta (Nilsson), I was born in Skellefteå 1973, a coast town in the northern part of Sweden. Played ice hockey and soccer most of my free time as young. After high school I worked as lumberjack some years and then three month as a forest volentery in Australia. I study ecologic and Samish culture in Kiruna and Jokkmokk. Moved to Stockholm for a year and worked as a lumberjack again. Then I moved back to Skellefteå to the little village, Holmsvattnet, 2001. I am a certified massage therapist. I run my own company were I build houses and are a masseur. 

My hobbies are nature, philosophical books and movies.

Some of the countries we have traveled to; Australia, New Zealand, Thailand(many times), Canada(winter Olympics 2010), USA, Russia, Great Britannia, Slovakia, France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain(Gran Canaria many times), Italy, Caribbean, Scotland and more.

We speak fluently English and somGerman and Spanish; we have also read French, Thai and native Sami language.

2012 the magazine, Lonely Planet wrote about us in Spain.


Tova & Bob Glänta


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