B&B Forest In Holmsvattnet

A Place were you can activate yourself or just chill out. 

How to get here

This picture is taken from SAS flight to Stockholm, Arlanda airport. It takes about 1 hour to fly from Skellefte to Arlanda. Skellefte airport is only 10 min from our B&B by car.


Here is some links to some different flight companies and the airport.

Skelleftea airport/Falmark

SAS flights

Rental cars / Taxis / Buses

Norwegian; www.norwegian.com


You can also take a train from south or north. The nearest trainstation to Skelleftea i Bastutrask. From there you will take a bus to Skelleftea city that takes 40 min.

Sj / Tain website


You can also come by car. You just take the big E4 south or north and turn off the road near the comunity, Burea were there is a sign, it says Holmsvattnet, by the road.


Ecologic and little bit slower, but it�s a lot of our gests that enyoj it.


The most ecologic way, but you need a lot of time if you are planning to walk throw all of Sweden, 1572 km.

Good luck and enjoy the trip to our B&B!


Tova & Bob Glanta


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